Who are ANZA Click? 
Click is group of ANZA Members and friends that share an interest in photography and image making. The group has existed in one form or another for more than ten years. With over 120 members signed up, we have a broad range of photographic interests and experience represented.

Where do you meet?
Most of our activity is within our private Facebook Group (search for “ANZA Click” on Facebook) – it’s easy for us to stay connected, share our photography and benefit widely from the group’s knowledge. We host real world photo walks around Singapore every month, following a loosely planned route, pausing to make photos of the people and places we pass by. These are very informal affairs and not recommended for anyone who wants to get from A to B in any kind of hurry! We also host presentations and seminars, and enjoy catching up for a kopi to talk about our shared hobby.

Who can join?
This group is great for beginners, amateur enthusiasts and anyone with an interest in photography. We welcome new memberships, regardless of your experience, equipment or photographic interest. Many of our members use their camera phone – a very good option these days as the technology and image quality continues to improve. To join you must be a current ANZA member. Send us an email at click@anza.org.sg

Why join this group?
ANZA Click is a great way to share your interest in photography and learn from a large community of like-minded people. Our members regularly share their images, both online and in the monthly ANZA magazine page. We offer constructive feedback, plus tips and techniques to help our members improve their photography and develop their interest further. We also host a monthly photography project theme.

Best thing about the group?
The sense of community and goodwill amongst our members and the inspiration and encouragement available from seeing the world through someone else’s camera lens – whether it’s a $10,000 Hasselblad, an iPhone 8S, or early 1970’s Canon FT QL.

Anything else you’d like to share?
We are constantly working to improve the ANZA Click experience for our members and we have some good ideas for new content and avenues to explore in 2020 (both in a literal and figurative sense!). If you have any ideas or suggestions that you think would enhance the ANZA Click experience please let us know, we would love to hear from you. Finally – if I haven’t convinced you to this point – please sign up to our group, we would be very happy to welcome you as a new member!