Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Cologne Germany. I left Germany with my husband and one-year-old daughter 25 years ago to live in Asia. My son was born in India and the youngest in Hong Kong. My two older children now live in Brisbane and Melbourne.

What does Tanglin Arts offer kids?
We offer several classes a week in many different styles, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acrobatic and Musical Theatre. Our approach is supportive and positive so your child can quickly feel at home and make new friends.

What is the history of the school?
It was established in 2007 by former prima ballerina Kathleen Quinn from the Atlanta Ballet. I bought the studio from Kathleen in August 2011, when it was time for her family to leave Singapore

What is the school’s focus?
To foster a life-long love of dance and offer a variety of dance lessons for all ages and abilities. When teaching any style or age group, we focus on providing exceptional coaching and leadership to our students, building talent, and developing life skills such as discipline and respect. We believe a person never stops learning, and we work hard to ensure our approach extends to all our students, from children to adults.

Tell us about your dance instructors?

Miss Rebecca is our artistic director. She has a Bachelor of Creative Industry from QUT in Brisbane and is mainly responsible for all our ballet classes. She loves to teach Ballet and Contemporary Dance but is also able to teach every other style.

Miss Sarah is French but spent most of her adult years in the UK. Before joining us she finished her Master of Education with the Royal Académie of Dance. She is trained in all styles but mostly teaches our younger ones and Babyballet classes. She is a great singer and conducts our Musical Theatre classes.

Miss Ashlee is from the Gold Coast. She was a cheerleader for the Brisbane Bullets and has worked on the Norwegian Cruise Line. She has a Diploma in Commercial Dance and Musical Theatre. She is mainly responsible for our Jazz and Tap classes and she trains our mini and junior Performance teams.

Why is it important for children to dance?
From balance to stamina, dancing regularly grows their skills and abilities in a whole range of ways. This form of movement also helps build the strength and endurance they need for other sports. Dance classes help with social activities and general wellbeing. It’s a great way to make connections and keep social interactions up, and all in a friendly and happy environment.

What are some of the benefits of regular dance for children?
We have witnessed first-hand how dance can build character, confidence and friendships. This beautiful, enriching sport is an incredible tool to teach body awareness, self-discipline and teamwork. While striving to instil the importance of etiquette and manners, we also focus on good self-esteem and positive body image.

What performances do the kids do?
We participate in competitions in Singapore and overseas, and we have an annual show in December.

Do you offer trial classes?
Yes, the first class is always a trial class with us.

Anything else you’d like us to know?
At our studio we provide a welcoming place for expat and local dance students to make wonderful friends and grow their passion for music and movement. Working closely with dancers from around the globe, we understand the unique challenges expat students face and aim to help them thrive in our shared environment. Our motto is: We speak the international language of dance.