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How do you learn best? The answer will be different for everyone and educators are now tapping into this concept to maximise the learning experience for their students. This is at the heart of personalised learning; it allows students to have a say in the process so that lessons are customised. But how can educators apply this in the classroom and how does it work in practice?

Understanding that each child is unique and learns differently is crucial to a personalised learning approach. It’s something that international schools naturally excel at due to the vast array of different cultures and backgrounds of their communities. These schools are about more than just academics; they give students the chance to learn about themselves and to take ownership of their learning.

At Marlborough College Malaysia, a holistic approach to education means that pupils are taught about their own learning needs alongside formal lessons. Small class sizes allow teachers to get to know their students not just in lessons, but as Tutors, Houseparents, or during co-curricular activities. It’s this knowledge that permits them to tailor their lessons accordingly. Says Mrs Siân Tolba, Director of Learning and Teaching, “We pride ourselves on knowing our pupils and knowing their individual needs. Our teaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We are always aiming to make pupils aware of what skills they have, what they need to develop, and to give them concrete techniques that they can take into any learning environment.”

Space & time

But it’s not just inside the classroom where learning is being personalised. Co-curricular activities and outdoor learning are a key part of developing an educational experience that goes beyond simply studying for exams. Recently, Marlborough College Malaysia became members of the ‘Institute of Outdoor Learning’ in the UK, and are looking to integrate outdoor learning into more lessons, using the expansive campus to enhance pupils’ experiences and cater for their different needs.

“We are keen to make every activity an opportunity to learn, so every trip has an educational element to it. For example, a trip to the beach might involve an element of conservation work,” explains Director of Co-curricular at the College, Mr Lynden Astil. “The connection with nature is vital to all of us. Most of us live in quite an urban environment, but getting out into nature can change your mindset, help you to destress, and lift your mood.”

All this means that a school day can look very different from one child to the next and that’s how personalised learning should look. It’s an education that allows pupils to decide how they learn, as well as equipping them with knowledge about their own needs. It allows them the space and time to follow their passions and to have the confidence to try something new. More importantly, it allows them to become lifelong learners.

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