Graeme Gardiner is Division 6 ANZA Diggers Captain and has played cricket all over the world, including Tokyo, Paris, and now Singapore. “I love the game. For our ANZA Cricket players, it’s a great way to get to know and enjoy Singapore.”

One of the original sporting groups, ANZA Cricket has been an integral part of the game in Singapore for many years. We currently have four teams competing and we also boast a social team, where a catch up after the game is as much fun as playing.

Made up of ANZA members from all parts of the world, we are a group of serious (and some not so serious) cricketers who enjoy getting out there and having a go! For those who want a challenge, we have three league teams. For those interested in a social game, the “Dream Team” plays regularly against other social teams. We hold social functions throughout the season. We organised a successful end of season wine tasting event last year. During the circuit breaker we ran fun Friday quiz nights online. For the young and serious cricketers, Singapore offers a decent standard, so there really is something for everyone.

Don’t be afraid if you haven’t played in years. Some people skipped decades of cricket to come back strongly. We even had a couple of Americans who never played before, but they survived. Register for the season at and get involved! The season runs from late January to October each year. Games are held on Saturdays or Sundays. Most are held at our home ground Dempsey, so it’s incredibly convenient. Training is on Mondays from 7-9pm at the Singapore Cricket Club nets. Players also participate in tours, beach cricket and the like. No matter what age or ability, you’re welcome!

Each year the club participates in the two-day Veterans’ Denis Amar 6’s. The Dream Team and ANZA “Biscuits” play with teams from all over SEA. The festival is held in memory of two cricketers who have passed away, but while with us, gave so much to cricket in Singapore.

Our players are usually cricket tragics and while playing for ANZA often throw their hats into the ring for other social teams, such as the Misfits, Spirits and Jolly Wallabies, showing how tightly knit the cricket community is. Some of these teams travel to 6’s tournaments across Asia. The best thing about Singapore is that the season runs basically non-stop. If you try hard you can play every weekend!

We don’t have a junior cricket section but we do refer children to the Singapore Cricket Club’s Junior program. Most of our games are played on SCC grounds and we share a close relationship with them. SCC has over 200 kids in their program with some very good coaches.

The mix of people and fun banter in each game. We are very down to earth. Each game takes about 4-5 hours, so people really want to be there. It’s long enough for everyone to relax a bit. A lot of our opposition in league will be from the sub-continent, so they do keep us honest in the end and the standard is challenging but not too taxing.


1. On several occasions this season a resident otter family have stopped play with ANZA Cricket at Dempsey!
2. Satvik, who plays for Singapore U14s, is the youngest member to play with the adult ANZA teams. We have players in their 60’s who still get out for social games and some fresh air. Age is no restriction in playing ANZA Cricket!