No leisure travel for 2020. Although understandable, the announcement that globe-trotting is off-limits until next year is likely to have hit hard for many eager travellers. Let’s face it: easy and exciting travel is one of the benefits of living on this Little Red Dot. Without the ability to scoot off for a quick getaway, many ANZA members may be yearning for a sense of adventure, expansion and change. Thankfully, there are ways we can each mitigate the boredom or resistance that comes from being island-bound:

1. Ignite your sense of curiosity and wonder at home
We can easily become blasé about even the most wondrous sights and experiences here. However, with a little effort, it is possible to rekindle a sense of awe and excitement in your own backyard. Seek out culturally diverse neighbourhoods, eateries and events; visit unfamiliar corners of the city; search for natural or cultural wonders on the island; revisit places you haven’t seen in a while. The trick is to view Singapore with fresh eyes and reinvigorate a sense of wonder at the sights, sounds, smells and people that share your home space. Post your experiences on social media and allow others to experience the wonders and secrets of this island through your fresh perspective.

2. Aim for ‘well’ instead of ‘wow’
As invigorating as it can feel to venture into your discomfort zone, it’s incredibly beneficial for your wellbeing to also seek out destinations and activities that promote calm, nourishment and relaxation. Being in natural spaces improves a multitude of physical and cognitive processes, including lowering stress hormones, and slowing our heart rate. So, why not seek out the more remote areas of Singapore that are teeming with nature, such as MacRitchie, Sungei Buloh and Pulau Ubin? It’s okay to allow yourself to slow down in this uncertain time. Our modern world is based on the concept of constant doing and action. However, there is a desperate need for us to do “nothing” on occasion.

3. Slow down.

Try finding domestic locations that allow you to slow down, like a reflexology session in Chinatown, a day trip to Sentosa’s beaches, or a relaxing family picnic in Gardens by the Bay. While seasoned travellers yearn for adventure, many local businesses are struggling without the much-needed tourist dollar. By choosing to become an eager local adventurer, we can lift our own spirits and support our local business owners – the perfect win-win situation.

Kim Forrester is a holistic wellbeing author, consultant and educator.