Looking after your health and wellbeing goes well beyond basic exercise and goo nutrition (although they’re a great place to start!). As part of a three-part series on spiritual health, we talk to Stephanie Schueller, a Reiki practitioner here in Singapore. Originally from Austria, she lived in the UK, Dubai and Japan before moving to the island in 2006. Today she uses this holistic practice to maintain optimum wellness herself, as well as her family (and pet!).

Please share the history of Reiki …
Reiki is a Japanese phrase made up of the words meaning “universal life force” and “energy” and it was established over 100 years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui, a distinguished Japanese scholar.

It’s an art of hands-on energy healing that targets stagnant energy in and around the body where there has been physical injury or emotional pain. A Reiki practitioner will place their hands on different areas of the body, covering certain body systems. People claim that afterwards, they feel refreshed and extremely relaxed – something in-between a waking and sleep state. Some feel as though they achieve greater mental clarity.

What kind of people and problems can it help with?
Reiki can work on any kind of physical and chronic pain and can complement western medicine, especially chemotherapy and radiation, although it is not a substitute for a visit to a medical doctor. It’s also very useful for pregnant women as even the unborn baby will benefit from the session. However, most of my clients see me to release emotional imbalance, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental challenges.

Can you describe what Reiki feels like?
The way you experience the energy passed on through Reiki is different for everyone. It could be experienced as warm, cold, or tingly, or elicit no sensation at all. The difference in sensation is down to the amount of energy flow varying from individual to individual. For example, more energy will flow for someone with an illness or pain than someone who is healthy. However it feels for you, you’ll almost always feel a relief or release after your session.

When did it come into your life?
I wanted to learn a skill that I could have with me wherever my travels would take me. When my eight year-old daughter started suffering from anxiety, I concluded that learning Reiki could give me the flexibility to treat her myself regularly and holistically without medication. I completed my Reiki basic and advanced levels in 2018 and 2019 in Singapore with Master Keven Duff from the International Usui Reiki Network.

Did you go to sessions yourself before becoming a practitioner?
I attended a Reiki preview conducted by my master. He only laid his hands on my shoulders, but the sensation I felt can only be described as light electric shocks running through my body. I felt so relaxed, I almost dozed off in my seat!

Stephanie uses Reiki to help with issues such as anxiety, stress and depression

What health benefits does practicing Reiki bring to you personally?
One of the great benefits of giving Reiki to someone is that the practitioner keeps about 50% of the energy being transferred, which helps me to feel energised and balanced. A common misconception is that people take the practitioner’s energy during a session, but this isn’t the case. My children definitely reap the most health benefits – every little scratch, ache or pain they feel is treated by Reiki. What’s amazing is that they haven’t needed medication (including Panadol) in over two years. Their immune systems are so strong thanks to regular Reiki treatments.

When did you set up your company, State of Reiki?
My intention was to only use my skill on friends, family and pets – yes, Reiki is very beneficial for pets! Demand grew over time so I set up my business during the circuit breaker period in 2020. Luckily, I already had a sole proprietorship company and valid Letter of Consent (LOC) so it was a fairly easy process to start doing Reiki in Singapore. I now work from practice rooms at Core Collective at Dempsey and Anson Road.

What can our readers expect from a session?
The initial consultation takes a few minutes where we work out what your objective for the session is, be it a specific illness, pain or emotional issue you’d like to work on. Throughout, you’ll be fully dressed in comfortable clothing and lying on a treatment table.

To really have a lasting effect, it’s recommended that you have 2-3 Reiki sessions at first. The first will open up areas of blocked energy, the second will start the healing process, and the third will lock everything in. A lot of my regular clients come once per month for general “maintenance” or just to wind down.

Find out more about Stephanie’s work at stateofreiki.com