ANZA Members who have lived in Singapore for a long time will probably have warm memories of British colonial-style cuisine with its Indian influences, often prepared by deft Hainanese cooks who worked for British army personnel. These memories can now be brought to life at Tanglin Cookhouse which opened in April this year at Tanglin Mall.

Open daily, a relaxing breakfast can be enjoyed – try Welsh rarebit with its generous cheesy spread – lunch or tea time with friends, and family or business dinners. Bread and pastries are baked daily, adding to the welcoming touch of a traditional cookhouse.

Classic colonial signature dishes include delightfully spicy mulligatawny soup, ubiquitous Hainan pork chop with its crisp coating and fragrant sauce, and the iconic tender lamb shank tikka masala in its creamy sauce, served with Basmati rice. To finish, sticky toffee pudding appeals, as does comforting strawberry and rhubarb crumble.

Tiered stands hold freshly baked scones and petit fours, complemented by refreshing tea or coffee, with friendly service in an old-yet-modern setting, reminiscent of days of yore.

Tipples are plentiful, including a pleasing selection of gin including London Dry and Singapore’s own Brass Lion Gin, among other pick-me-ups.

VERDICT: Take a well-deserved break, step back in time and appreciate creative dishes reflective of Singapore’s not-so-distant history.

Tanglin Cookhouse

163 Tanglin Road

#01-106 Tanglin Mall

Singapore 247933

Telephone 62359382

Photograph courtesy Creative Eateries.