When it comes to ANZA Netball, it couldn’t happen without our volunteers. Many parents in our community pull on their runners and get involved in the sporty side of things; others take on more of an organisational role; many mums just love wearing an outfit to match their daughter’s! However they get involved, we are forever grateful and couldn’t function without their help.

“Volunteering is at the heart of Aussie sport”

Catherine and her daughters Zara, 11, and Chloe, 8

Catherine Lygoe
Volunteer role: Age Group Coordinator
Years with ANZA Netball: 2
Why do you volunteer? It’s good to give back to the club and get to know the other volunteers and families. Community and volunteering is at the heart of Aussie sport, so it’s great to recreate that inclusive vibe here in Singapore.
What do your daughters think about ANZA Netball? The girls find it great fun to see their friends at netball and to play games. The group do really good bake sales with brownies, too!

“I want my daughter to see that it’s nice to give back”

Natalie and her daughter Lauren, 8

Natalie Lee
Volunteer role: AGC Age Group Coordinator 2015
Years with ANZA Netball: 3
Why do you volunteer? I love feeling like part of the ANZA community and I thought I’d put my communication and organisational skills to good use. I enjoy meeting the parents and making sure the kids are happy. I also want Lauren to see that I’m involved and that it’s nice to give back.
Best bit? I’ve made so many friends through ANZA Netball and these are memories I’ll always cherish. I’m extremely grateful for the support I received when I first joined and how well-run ANZA Netball is. Big shout out to Sally and Karen!
Does Lauren like you volunteering? My daughter loves it. It’s very special starting the weekend together. She enjoys being involved which I hope will encourage her to be a volunteer further down the track. Plus, Lauren absolutely loves netball. This is the first team sport she’s played and she always looks forward to training.

“The team bonding has benefited each of my daughters”

Liana and her daughter Olivia, 8

Liana Attard
Volunteer role: Coach
Years with ANZA Netball: 4
Why do you volunteer? I really enjoy and appreciate the ANZA community and team spirit. The encouragement and focus on fitness and sport in a team environment is tailored for the girls across all age groups whilst fostering the spirit of having a go regardless of ability.
What do your daughters think of you volunteering? My daughters Allegra,12, Sophia, 9, and Olivia, 8, are all involved. They love that I’m active in their development and growth, and supporting their friends and teams. Each of them enjoys the sport, playing alongside their friends, and the opportunities this affords them. Allegra was fortunate to go to Perth with ANZA in June which was an experience she will never forget.
What are the benefits of ANZA Netball? The team bonding is great. Also, stretching the girls in terms of their capabilities and skills has benefited each of my daughters. It’s been wonderful to see their confidence grow.

“Volunteering is a great way to network with other parents”

Lynette, Glen and daughter Natalie, 6

Glen Chua & Natalie Zeng
Volunteer role: Coaches
Years with ANZA Netball: Joined in 2023
Why do you volunteer?
L: We love seeing Natalie in action and interacting with the other players. Volunteering is a great way to network with other parents, too. ANZA is such a supportive and inclusive community.
what does Natalie love about ANZA Netball?
G: She’s incredibly excited to join a team of a similar age group. Having pro-coaching will ensure she acquires the correct fundamentals from the get-go. Hopefully, being in ANZA Netball will fuel her interest in playing at a higher level in the future!