The second half of 2023 was overflowing with a range of tournaments and opportunities for ANZA Netball. The players were keen to take advantage of any possibilities that emerged as the netball landscape in Singapore continued to evolve.

As we begin a new year, not only are we participating in more leagues and tournaments than ever, but ANZA Netball continues to provide additional opportunities for girls at all development levels. We’ve been arranging intra-club regular matches with different age groups, as well as inter-club friendly matches with other clubs. We’re also training our players in the umpiring space and providing regular scenarios where they can practice their whistle blowing!

Sport Ready Junior League

The Sport Ready Junior League was open to players in the U11 and U12 age groups. ANZA Netball entered more teams than ever before to max out on player participation. The matches were held at Dulwich College on Sunday mornings in September and October. With three ANZA teams in each age group, the club performed well with the following teams finishing in medal winning positions:
U11: ANZA Suns (1st place) , ANZA Moons (3rd place)
U12: ANZA Cyclones (1st place), ANZA Tornadoes (3rd place)

The SGNA Cup

The SGNA Cup was held over a couple of months in late 2023 for the U16 and U14 age groups. Once again ANZA entered multiple teams, with three teams in the U16 Division and two teams in U14. The netball clubs participating were Singapore Netball Academy, Sport Ready, Centaurs, TKSS, Nanyang Lions, and The Netball Academy. ANZA proved to be particularly strong in the U16 age group, with ANZA Storm and ANZA Lightning fighting it out in the grand final. A brilliant effort from all of our players!

SCC Ladies League

Our U16 and U17 players participated in the SCC Ladies League, which took place midweek at UWC Dover. The ANZA team remained in Division 2 this season, defeated only by the SAFSA (Singapore Armed Forces Sports Association). In a reversal of fortune for the final in November, ANZA emerged as Division 2 Champions. Whoop!

Straits Netball Tournament

In December, five ANZA Netball teams travelled to Malaysia to participate in the Straits Netball Tournament at Marlborough College Malaysia. Teams in this tournament were representing U11, U13 and U15 age groups and kicked off the first overseas opportunities for our U11 players.

ANZA Accelerator

The ANZA Accelerator mini league for our younger girls aged U8, U9, and U10 happened at the end of November. This was a friendly tournament with even skills-based teams and a positive experience for all. Many other Singapore clubs were invited which allowed the younger players to put their skills training into practice.

SCC Netball Academy Junior Carnival 2023

In November, ANZA took part in the Singapore Cricket Club Netball Academy Junior Carnival. Our teams competed in the U9, U12 and U14 age groups, resulting in medals and prizes. The carnival provided light-hearted fun and exposure to a competitive environment through mini-games with place playoffs.