U15 Champions

ANZA Netball in Singapore is like one big party! It’s not just about the game; it’s about making awesome friends, learning new skills, getting active, and having a blast on the court. Regular training sessions, competitive matches and local leagues ensure there’s never a dull moment. For Dee Butler, an expat from Ireland, ANZA Netball has become a family affair as not only do her three daughters Lucy, 11, and twins Zara and Lina, 8, play, but Dee is one of the esteemed volunteer coaches who shares her expertise, keeps the teams motivated, and makes sure fun is first and foremost. Her biggest challenge? Getting her girls on the court in time for practice! Here’s what fulfils her time as an ANZA coach and what she loves about the programme. 

Why ANZA Netball? 

When we moved from Sydney to Singapore 10 years ago, we heard about ANZA being a really well-organised and friendly association. When my daughters showed an interest in the game it was my first port of call! This was in 2020 during Covid, but despite the restrictions, we still managed to have fun training in our small groups each Saturday. We found the community to be super-friendly and welcoming from the get-go, and all feel very lucky to be a part of it. 

U11 Champions

What other sports do your family enjoy together?

We play Gaelic football and enjoy swimming and gymnastics. In school, the girls play soccer and basketball.

How did you become an ANZA Netball volunteer? 

The online application for my daughters to sign up for netball included a check box for volunteer coaching. I wasn’t sure if I had enough technical knowledge – it had been several decades since I had played, but I ticked it anyway! I later learned that the ANZA pro coaches do session planning and explain the drills to all the volunteer coaches before training commences each week. This ensures that we all know what we’re doing! With parent volunteers organising and coaching the games there’s a real sense of community and camaraderie; I think it brings a bit of extra cheer and sense of fun! 

Dee with her daughters Lucy, Lina, Zara, and Chloe (who can’t wait to start netball next year!)

What Dee’s Daughters Say!

“I like Mum coaching. She helps me learn more about netball and get better at it” – Zara

 “I like being in Mum’s group. Sometimes she is strict if I’m not listening!”– Lina

Why would you recommend parents get involved?

I love that the kids get to experience being part of a team and to participate in a club with volunteering at its heart. Adults and children all contributing their time and energy to play sport is a wonderful feeling. Both parents and players get so much out of it, and the feeling of togetherness is very nurturing for all, especially when you’re an expat living away from your respective home.

In front of the tour bus

Teams on tour

One of the highlights of ANZA Netball is the opportunity to travel and participate in tournaments against other clubs and schools. The most recent took place at Marlborough College Malaysia for the Straits Tournament. Five teams headed to the college which boasts fantastic facilities including four outdoor netball courts, and two indoor courts so the matches could be played in fast progression. There almost wasn’t time to stop for food at the local vendors! It was a very successful outing for ANZA, bringing home the champions trophy in all three age groups entered. Dee’s daughter Lucy talks us through the day. 

“Travelling on my first overseas tour with ANZA Netball meant getting up at 5am, so that was an early start! But the coach journey was nice and all the teammates got to chat the whole way there. Marlborough College is a lovely setting with lots of trees and greenery. It was really hot, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the games. At the end, we all had ‘smashed cupcakes’ while we waited on the medals ceremony. One of my favourite parts was spending time with my team. It’s good to make new friends outside of school, and we’ve had a reunion since. A big thank you goes to all the volunteers who coach and put in all the hard work organising tournaments for us.” 

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