Embark on a culinary journey at FIRE, where traditional Argentine asado flavours meet modern innovation. Led by renowned chef Soledad Nardelli, the team combine a century of experience to craft dishes that pay homage to Argentina’s rich gastronomic heritage. This, paired with epic views of Singapore’s Orchard Road, creates an experience that truly captures the essence of Argentinean culture. 

We were presented with their impressive three-course lunch menu (S$58++). The Caramelised Artichoke Mash with Flat Bread was a fantastic start. The velvety artichoke mash, crisp flatbread, and the subtle crunch of pumpkin seeds and smoked paprika created a dance of flavours on the palate. The drizzle of extra virgin olive oil added a luxurious touch, setting the tone for the culinary delights to follow.

The Grilled Spice-Marinated Free Range Baby Chicken, with its succulent meat marinated expertly in spices, was accompanied by a luscious Truffle Potato Puree and Charred Corn. The dish featured a quintessential Green Chimichurri, adding a burst of freshness that complemented the smoky flavours of the chicken.

No Argentinean meal is complete without beef, and the Parrilla Grilled US Morgan Ranch Striploin MS 6-7 (+$30 supplement) lived up to its reputation. Cooked to perfection, it showcased the excellence of Argentinean parrilla cooking. The Herb Roasted Baby Potato and Broccolini on the side provided a delightful balance, while the Red Chimichurri added a bold and tangy kick.

Decadent fondant

To conclude, we indulged in the Warm Dark Chocolate Fondant. The decadent fondant oozed with rich chocolate, and paired flawlessly with a medley of mixed berries and a Hazelnut Crumble. The thick chocolate sauce drizzled over the dessert served as an exquisite finale.

The cocktail menus, featuring Mixologist Specials and FIRE Signature Cocktails, were irresistible. We opted for the Mixologist Specials, $26 each. The Carpe Diem, curated by Afad M, stood out with Black Tears Spiced Rum, Lemon, Fresh Raspberries, Mint, and Vanilla – a winning concoction embodying its byline: “Enjoy the moment, cherish the time and seize the day.”

From the FIRE Signature Cocktails menu, the Yerba Spritz ($23) was equally impressive, embracing its Argentinean roots with Yerba Mate Gin, Peach Moscato, Passionfruit Purée, and Thyme Maple Syrup.

The attentive service and elegant ambience of the restaurant elevated a straightforward lunch to an absolute treat. Each dish reflected the chef’s expertise and embraced the soul of Argentinean cooking. Although we chose the Set Lunch, the à la carte menu highlights some of the most classic dishes in Argentinean cuisine. Considering the remarkable condensed lunch offering, the à la carte menu at FIRE holds the promise of an immersive journey into Argentinean gastronomy. 

VERDICT: Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply seeking a memorable dining experience with a view, FIRE hits the spot. Come here for gorgeous flavours and visual delights both on the plate, and through the surrounding panoramic vistas. 

2 Orchard Turn, #55-01 ION Orchard, 238801,  firerestaurant.sg