Last week, I happened by chance upon some of the Newsletters, from 2010, when we had just launched Survival Chic (SC) Singapore’s first Lifestyle Membership.

These Newsletters were meant to give SC Members insider access to Singapore’s best food & wine, arts & culture, fashion & branding, lifestyle & leisure.

Frankly, I was a appalled. The list was beyond “selective”; it was actually just short… and the variety was decidedly underwhelming.

Comparing this year’s SC Newsletters (sent out to 18,000+ Singapore-based Executives & Expats) the difference was mindboggling. The 30-35 events & invitations per week for our Members went from VIP access to the Singapore Yacht Show, to free Comedy Fringe Festival tickets – from special invitations to the World Gourmet Summit, to an Argentinean wine pairing, from French-Singaporean theatre, to a private launch with a top London tailor.

The temptation is to credit SC’s growth for this drastic improvement. The reality, however is that Singapore’s Lifestyle Scene is evolving, with several distinctive trends:

1) A ‘fast & furious’ entry of international players – from Art Stage to Michelin-starred chefs, from Formula One to Yachting giants…

2) A new local interest – and involvement – in arts, culture, F&B, and entertainment.

3) A new taste for experiences. While material goods like cars and designer handbags remain a staple for affluent Singapore-dwellers, recent years see increased investment in more ephemeral– and less tangible – indulgences.

Without a doubt, the Lion City’s Lifestyle Scene is on the rise. Our challenge at Survival Chic is to keep our Members ahead of the fast-changing curve.

Survival Chic is a 1-year Lifestyle & Dining Membership, that gives Members 30{ee938d54fc7876cbf95a9442c2eaa5c46f2412bf7dbba51f9ba3b6b032944fb2} off at 50 Top Restaurants, and Complimentary & VIP invites, every day. References readily available. Join here with any major credit card (NO need to have a Paypal account). or contact

Born in Georgia, Virginia Brumby is the director of Survival Chic, Singapore’s first & Premier Lifestyle Membership. She has lived, worked & traveled in 6 different continents (no wineries in Alaska ;)) and has written in prominent publications across Asia.