The Business Development Manager of Estates & Wines Asia Pacific, Australia & New Zealand gives us a glimpse of how Chandon – an event sponsor with ANZA – has continued to grow in the Asia Pacific region.


Chandon has a long history, a global presence, and is an ever-evolving brand. How would you say the company has ‘moved with the times’, so to speak?

Chandon always try to move with the times by positioning itself as a lifestyle brand by participating in events that is fun and vibrant. We make a continuous effort to delight and engage a new generation of consumers by providing our consumers with an enriched experience with a unique look and added flair through our yearly limited edition bottle launch.

We strive to improve on our wines every year, never resting on our laurels. Since being founded in 1986, Chandon Australia continues to reach for the stars and to create Australia’s finest sparkling wines.

ANZA has enjoyed partnership with Chandon for many of its events over the years. What have been some of your best experiences with ANZA?

Every experience with ANZA has always been a memorable one as every event was organized with passion and professionalism. It has always been an inspiration on how well every ANZA member participates in each event – dressing up for the occasion and enjoying themselves during each event. The positive energy is what Chandon loves to be associated with.

Asia wasn’t traditionally a booming market for wine, but now the industry is seeing real growth in the region. How do you think this has changed over time?

We continue to see the evolution of western cultures emerging into Asia – particularly the move towards enjoying a food and wine lifestyle. We are constantly surprised of all the new venues and moments our brand is a part of and we very much see ourselves at Chandon continuing to be part of that evolution.

Initiatives like our recent Chandon Summer launch continue to find new and fun ways to enjoy wine with family and friends.

Which varieties tend to sell best in Southeast Asia?

Red wines sell well as do our sparkling wines. Chandon Brut is one of our best selling products for its aperitif style (dry and refreshing to drink). We see wines that have a strong authenticity and credibility do well in these markets as consumers continue to prefer to drink in moderation – whilst an ever increasing quest for quality.