A member of our expert panel at ANZA’s Healthy Wealthy and Wise Seminar next month, Roz Alexander’s personal journey has shaped her approach to lifestyle, nutrition and fitness coaching.

An Australian based in Singapore for the last 13 years Roz has successfully built a personal training business with a difference. Now a leading and sought after fitness trainer, Roz’s drive for promoting better health was initiated from a cancer diagnosis 11 years ago. Coming from a corporate background in hospitality and technology sales, the disease state accelerated her desire to learn more about her passion and change her life.

As a mother of three she was determined to live a better, more energetic and long life for her children and to be in a body that could age and remain strong and disease free. What followed was a dramatic and life changing program of nutrition and exercise that tipped todays standard lifestyle on its head.

Shortly after the birth of her third child, suffering crippling fatigue, Roz was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid disease. A year later she was diagnosed with advanced Thyroid cancer. Consequent radioactive iodine therapies left her with a toxic and atrophied shell of a body. At 31 years of age, Roz was looking at an overweight, exhausted physique that potentially had a very short lifespan. It was time for change! Through organic nutrition, education and progressive exercise programming she turned her health around. Two years later Roz hit the stage in her first IFBB Amateur Figure competition in Seattle, Washington. Now a regular competitor, she has taken her health and fitness to an elite level and feels that no one should ever underestimate the value of great health.

Roz lives and breathes healthy living and is passionate about sharing the techniques and information to those in need of a wake up call. She believes that often people accept how they feel and look in life simply because they know no different and that being over 40 does not automatically qualify you for medication. Her passion lies in transforming clients and showing them a health state they never thought could have existed for them. She considers her place in a client’s journey the best job on earth!

Specialising in body transformations, Roz’s approach is holistic and encompasses lifestyle analysis, results-based nutrition and fitness coaching.

Roz will be speaking at the Professional Series Healthy Wealthy and Wise workshop.

UPDATE: This workshop has been rescheduled to Thursday 10 September and we regret that Scott Montgomery is not available to join our panel.

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