The second of our expert panel members to be profiled, Scott Montgomery brings the perspective of a workplace wellness solution provider to the Healthy Wealthy and Wise seminar.

Scott has over 10 years’ experience consulting in workplace health. He is the CEO of Globetrekker Challenge Pte Ltd, bringing the latest technology advancements to workplaces to improve organisational culture, engagement and employee wellness.

If you are looking to motivate yourself and those around you or you are part of a team that needs motivation Scott can help! Scott understands what makes a good workplace health program. Scott can help you with planning, understanding your objectives and engaging the masses.

Scott was educated in New Zealand and competed at high levels as an athlete himself before conditioning professional athletes and then entering the business arena. Scott moved to Australia in 2006 and co-built a multimillion dollar workplace health company employing over 90 health professionals.

After selling his company, Scott moved to Singapore in 2014 to establish and operate two health and technology companies and is the CEO of Globetrekker Challenge Pte Ltd.

Scott is now a recognised global leader of innovative workplace health programs and is at the forefront of new and emerging technologies.

Scott will be speaking at the Professional Series Healthy Wealthy and Wise workshop is being held on Friday 31 July 2015.

UPDATE: This workshop has been rescheduled to Thursday 10 September and we regret that Scott is not available to join our panel. Find out more and book tickets.