Not sure which ale ails you? Sick of going to the same tasteless lagers? Have no idea about beer at all? Have no fear, because we’ve come up with a little guide on what you should eat when trying different beers.


Belgian Fruit Beer (Lambic)

Belgium has an incredible lineup of different beers, but their lambic ales are unique in that they almost don’t taste like beer at all. Blended with fruits – like cherries or raspberries – the sweetness of a lambic suits fruity and creamy desserts.

Try: Lindemans Kriek


The German beer is brewed with a lot more wheat in the mixture and is usually unfiltered, giving a cloudy appearance. With slightly sweet flavours, a Hefeweizen goes surprisingly well with salads and lighter meals.

Try: Erdinger Weissbier

Pale Ale

Using more hops in the brewing process, pale ales have an added sweetness and bitterness, but incredible flavours. There are American and British-style Pale Ales, but both can be paired with pizzas, fried foods and blue cheese.

Try: Mosaic Pale Ale

India Pale Ale

There are a lot of hops used to make an IPA, raising the alcohol content – in the 18th century this better preserved beer while heading to India. With a hoppy maltiness, this beer goes incredibly well with curries – both Indian and Thai.

Try: BrewDog Punk IPA

Amber Ale

Almost dark red in colour and not unlike the fruity kick of a good American Pale Ale, the smooth blend of citrus and caramel goes incredibly well with smoky BBQ ribs, chicken and chilli.

Try: Green Flash Hop Head Red


There are more stouts than just Guinness – that also have amazing hints of chocolate and coffee. The roasted malt and barley makes it a heavier drink, and goes great with salty seafood, like oysters.

Try: Anchor Porter


The pilsner often gets mistaken for being a lager, though is actually a bit lighter on the palette. These beers are not very bitter, and would make a good pair with oily fish dishes, like tuna and salmon.

Try: Eight Degrees Barefoot Pilsner


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