The Refinery

Its slogan ‘Eat, Drink, Create.’ should be enough of a nudge to get some serious work done in this visually inspiring space.

115 King George’s Ave
Tel 6293 1204

Drury Lane

A great selection of teas, coffee, and brioche burgers to dig into when you’re in the need of a breather from hogging the wifi.

94 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Tel 6222 6698


A coffee connoisseur’s home, the Sydney-born café chain has enough quirky brewing contraptions to get the creative juices flowing.

8 Rodyk St
Tel 6636 7629

The book cafe

For some real quiet, look no further than a café that feels like a library. Bookshelves adorn the walls with books and rare magazines.

20 Martin Rd
Tel 6887 5430


Bask in the scent of baked pastries. There’s gourmet menus, housemade drinks and a selection of craft beers to try in the wifi-ready market-slash-café.

2 McCallum St
Tel 6221 2105