Our first guest speaker for our upcoming networking event tells us what to expect.

It is never too late to meet new people and learn new skills to help you in your career. ANZA recently asked Phil Biggin – Head of Sale Enablement of BT Global Services for Asia, Middle East, Africa and Turkey as well as keynote speaker for the Chill, Chat, Connect series – some of the changes he has seen in his 16-year career in Asia, the future and its challenges as he sees them, and some of the secrets to his success. Here is what he had to say:

How long have you been working in Asia and what is the largest change you have seen in the working environment in that time?
We moved here coming up to three years ago, but I first worked in Asia in 2000 – although moving here is significantly different, as you would imagine. The working environment impresses me in many ways, but the leading one is the diversity, how many cultures and beliefs can come together and share ideas, but above all ‘share values’ – I see this every day and it still gives me a real ‘buzz’.

What advice would you give your 30-year-old self?
Have ‘no fear’, get out there and make a difference in everything you do – stick with your ideas and see them through – believe in people, as you need people to believe in you. Finally, keep up the gym work!

Which presentation tool do you think is invaluable?
Yourself, you’re the best tool you have – use it more, believe in it and above all – never give up and have fun.

What do you think will have the greatest impact on doing business in Asia in the future?
What a great question, the growth of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ – the digital transformation journey we are all on will make a huge impact. I do feel we need to look at AI and how this will impact how we all do business, worldwide, by 2020. Finally, how the world needs to stop sometimes and support the people who need it the most, we are all running at a great speed – but sometimes to get off the treadmill and help the rest of the world who are less fortunate, this in turn will have a huge impact how we all live, play and do business in the future.

What should those attending Chill, Chat, Connect expect to hear and learn from your presentation?
How they can utilise their biggest asset they have, themselves – how to be cognisant of the skills we all have and how to address the ones we want to improve upon – not just in business, but in life! How to then take this back to their respective teams and family and get everyone involved – above all, take a chance and have fun!

ANZA will be launching in 2017 a new series – Chill, Chat, Connect – for those looking to expand their professional networks in Singapore and hone their skills. Attendees to Chill, Chat, Connect will have access to some of the best minds in the Singaporean business and professional community in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere. The first in the three part series is on Wednesday 23 March, and by attending you can ask Phil any questions whilst checking out some the newest places around town, meeting likeminded people and unlocking networking opportunities. Register now.