BURPPLEREASON: Can’t tuck in without taking a picYou eat first with your eyes – if it looks delicious, you’re going to give it a try, even if it’s shirako. So this app highlighting the culinary scene with some seriously pretty photography, easily tickles the taste buds.


LIQUOR CABINETREASON: Finally, knowing what to do with that bottle of MidoriLooking to impress with your cocktail-making skills but only have half bottles and suspect mixers in the cabinet? Never fear. Just enter what you have and the app provides the answers.


SHAREFOODREASON: For home-cooked goodness in your communitySet-up by three friends here in Singapore, this app connects foodies and home cooks to literally find out what’s cookin’ in your neighbourhood. Split food costs, share for free, post your pics – its mumma’s cooking for the Instagram age.


SUGARREASON: Life tastes sweeter with a bargainHandy for getting to know good lunch spots near the office, this Singapore-based app tracks your location and then displays a list of deals, discounts and delicacies. Sweetening the deal with 20-50{ee938d54fc7876cbf95a9442c2eaa5c46f2412bf7dbba51f9ba3b6b032944fb2} concessions.


CHOPEREASON: An oldie but a goodiePerfect for those last-minute anniversary reservations you should’ve made weeks ago or a need-to-impress the client right now lunches. This app enables you to quickly make restaurant plans – and pick up points off along the way.