MAD ABOUT FASHION COLUMNIST: Beck Dahl offers tips on keeping your clothes in mint condition whilst doing your bit for the environment.

Mad About Fashion ANZA Columnist Beck Dahl
The year has started off with a whole lot of zing and zest – I’m excited. We, as a family are not the ‘newbies’ this year and rather than have the stress of settling into new schools, a new apartment, a new country and a new climate, we can truly sink our teeth into life in Singapore. I’ve even started to tick off the To Do List for 2018: school uniforms mended (tick), caffeine habit kicked (tick), watch less Netflix (not quite!)…how has your year started?
As ever, I’m also using the first few months of the year to look at ways I can do better – especially with fashion. I’ve recently received a fantastic, informative journal, FANZINE, which is bursting with information put together by It’s a group of people who have joined forces to make a difference – they want truth and transparency within the fashion industry. Their aim is to show everyone from designers to consumers, governments to clothing manufacturers not only what is wrong with the industry, but also educating us on how to be better – better consumers, better manufacturers, better producers.
The topics are varied and offer advice on a number of things: how to mend or darn; textile recycling; info’ on varied material lifecycles (did you know Lycra can take between 20-200 years to degrade?!); even tips for deciphering the low quality garment from the well-made. If I read something that is of interest I’ll be sure to incorporate it in future columns, but today I’m going to remind you how best to care for the garments you LOVE!
Rule number one: if you don’t love it, don’t buy it! What is the point of having something hanging in your closet you don’t actually use? Unless it has sentimental value – to be honest if it was your Mum’s, Dad’s or Grandparent’s, it will more than likely last the distance – then evict from your drawers.
Rule number one, b: curate your wardrobe – whilst you’re deciding what you love and don’t love, get organised. If you don’t love it, and the piece doesn’t work with the rest of your wardrobe, it’s time to bag it up for some charities. [N.B: Organisations such as the ANZA Action-supported Dress to Impress are always looking for donations. Head to the ANZA Action page for more details].
Rule number two: look after your clothing. Not only will taking special care of your favourite silk shirt mean longevity in your wardrobe, it’s also a good way of doing your bit for the environment. Less purchases or satisfying that shopping urge with cheap fashion hits, means lessening your impact on the fashion industry, so look after what you already have. Here are a few tips to keep your items in tip-top condition, whilst keeping an eye on
being green:

• Wash at 30 degrees or less
• Avoid dry cleaning
• Avoid tumble drying
• Treat delicates gently – hand wash or hand wash cycle!
• Try washing in a mesh bag to protect the fibres
• Use Eco-friendly detergent

Protecting your favourite clothes and reducing your energy and waste – dont’ you just love that?

Beck Dahl is a stylist and fashion lover living with her family here in Singapore. Get in touch at