1. Learn surf lifesaving skills that could save your life

Our endless summer allows us to swim year round. And living on a small island means we’re surrounded by water and plenty of opportunities to swim in the sea. Knowing how to handle yourself in open water, as well as swimming pools is vital. Nippers is great way for kids and parents to increase their awareness and skills in a beach environment – knowledge that could help save their lives and the lives of others.

2. Beat the heat and spend Sundays at the beach

If you’re sleeping in on a Sunday morning and you have kids, then thank your lucky stars and stop reading now. The rest of us, if you’re up early you may as well make it count. Do the hard yards to get down to Tanjong Beach at sparrow’s on the weekend and we promise you it will be worth it. There is nothing better than escaping the big city island for the smaller one, digging your toes in the sand and getting back to nature. Plus, latte’s are nearby. Refresh, reset, reconnect and relax, ready for another big week.

3. A unique activity that you can do alongside your kids

Not a drop-off activity?! Nope. No way. You don’t want to miss this. How many activities are there where you can get as thoroughly involved as your kids? If you’re as busy during the week as we are, Nippers is a rare chance to spend some quality time with the family in the great outdoors. Fun and laughter is guaranteed as you help facilitate your child’s personal growth. They’ll be acquiring perseverance, courage and respect and you’ll be getting some happy memories.

4. Build mind and body strength no matter what your appetite is for competition

Running in sand, swimming in the ocean, paddling boards, rehearsing rescues, practicing CPR, learning signals and having adventures – Nippers is no ordinary way to get fit. Although the purpose of surf life saving is to make the enjoyment of our beaches safe, the ways to learn are so varied and challenging that it suits a variety of kids. Through both core Nipper events and many fun activities, participants will get stronger and smarter in an environment where being the best is celebrated, but so are problem-solving skills, teamwork and determination.

5. Feel vital and be part of a warm and welcoming community

No matter what you do and where you come from, everyone is welcome at Nippers and everyone can play a role in our community. From training to trivia nights, we exist because of the valuable time that our members give. As a volunteer club we are only as good as the collaborative contribution that you make. Come and get involved in our home-away-from -home and feel the satisfaction of helping to build a positive community.

The season is nearly here, but there might be a few spots left! ANZA Singapore Nippers caters to kids 5-13 and focuses on beach and ocean awareness through fun activities. 8:45am to 10:30am, Sunday mornings, 2 September – 2 December (a second season runs from March, 2019) anza.org.sg/sports/nippers/