What type of therapies do you offer kids?
We support children with varying needs and difficulties, including dyspraxia, language delays, speech delays, stuttering, children on the autism spectrum, and social communication disorders. We offer school, home, or clinic-based services, and most recently teletherapy.

What are the benefits?
Depending on a child’s difficulties, we help develop articulation skills, receptive and expressive language skills, as well as their social communication skills.

What should parents be looking for to recognise a potential speech/language issue?
In young children, there are speech and language milestones you can refer to. These will help you gauge whether your child’s communication skills are developmentally appropriate. In older children, teachers may refer children to us if a child is struggling to follow instructions in the classroom, is having difficulty remembering information, difficulty understanding more complex language such as inferences, or is not able to structure longer and more complex sentences.

What steps should they take to find the right treatment?
Contact a speech and language therapist to set up an initial consulation. They’ll help you decide what the intial steps should be. For example, have your child’s hearing assessed, complete a speech and language assessment, or engage other professionals.

What is the workshop for helpers in July-August?
Treetop Therapy will be training helpers on how to use play to facilitate language development. They will also be taught general strategies to use in everyday routine activities, such as bath and dinner time to encourage language development. This workshop will be beneficial to all helpers who are working with families who have young children (0-5 years).

Tell us a special success story from Treetop Therapy?
Just recently we were approached by a welfare organisation to support a low-income single mother and her son with Down Syndrome. We supported this family as part of our clinic’s Giving Program. We met with the mother and 12-year-old son at their home. We were able to provide him with a communication device, and teach him and his mother how to use it. Within the first session the young boy was able to talk about his favourite TV dramas and even tell simple jokes. The joy on their faces was magical. Like I said before, we all deserve to be given a voice and that voice deserves to be heard.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?
Go to our Facebook page (facebook.com/TreetopTherapy), website (treetop.com.sg) and Instagram (instagram.com/treetopsingapore) to get some free resources as well as see what we get up to!