In this tour, to the Eastern side of the island, we will follow the historical events which lead to the fall of Singapore into the hands of the Japanese during WWII.

Many prisoners of war and civilian internees were imprisoned in Changi Prison, which at one point held over 10,000 prisoners. Our visit to the Changi Chapel and Museum, which replaced the old prison, will give us a chance to learn about the hardship of the prisoners and how they managed to keep up their spirits in order to survive. We will see artifacts, murals and hear personal stories.

After a short break we will drive to see the replicas of the Monster Gun at the Johor Battery before we head towards our last stop, the Changi Beach Massacre site where the ethnic cleansing known as Sook Ching took place.

Price includes: Changi Chapel Museum Entrance fee: $8 per person

Date: Saturday 24th February 2024

Time: 09:30am – 1:00pm

Meet: 09:20 Newton Hawker Centre

Cost: $75 ANZA Member, $85 Non-Member

Fitness Level: Medium – Some walking in the heat required, plenty of rest stops available