Lah, leh, lor, liao, la. We hear these words in Singapore constantly, but few of us understand what they really mean. Singlish is the beloved vernacular of our little red dot. Once maligned by the government, Singaporeans who are usually very compliant refuse to let it go! And we can see why because Singlish is now celebrated, loved, and used around the island to connect with the people. Come and join us for an introductory lesson in Singlish where our regular guide Charlotte Chu and her sidekick, Victor, will have a series of short conversations using Singlish in different contexts. At the end of this fun lesson, you’ll take a short walk and get the chance to practise your Singlish by ordering your own kopi or teh (included in cost). Come la!

Date: Tuesday 21 May

Time : 10:00am – 12:00pm

Meet: 9.50 at the ANZA Office, 261A Beach Road, 199541

Cost: $40 ANZA Member, $45 Non-Member