It is expected that you register your children only if they can swim independently and meet swim assessment criteria. We will conduct swim assessments at our first session of the season for all participants to ensure that this is achievable. Members that join after the commencement of the season, and up to the start of Term 2, will undergo swim assessments separately. If the participant is unable to pass the swim assessment you may have to forfeit the season and we cannot guarantee that registration fees will be refunded to you. So please review this information carefully.

U6 – Swim 10m any stroke & 10 sec survival float
U7 – Swim 25m any stroke & 30 sec survival float
U8 – Swim 50m freestyle & 60 sec survival float
U9 – Swim 50m freestyle & 60 sec survival float
U12 – Swim 100m freestyle & 90 sec survival float
U14 – Swim 200m freestyle & 120 sec survival float