Our group exists because of the collective effort of our members, and it can only continue if parents continue to offer help during the week and on Sunday mornings to plan and run our activities. If you value and enjoy the ANZA Singapore Nippers experience, we ask that you contribute time to a role, share a role or shadow someone else in a role so you can take over if necessary. Due to the transient nature of Singapore, there is a constant requirement for people to step up and fill in when others have to leave. We all have busy lives that make volunteering challenging but it is rewarding when you feel the community spirit you’ve helped to create. Spare an hour during the week or an hour at the beach and be part of the legacy. singapore.nippers@gmail.com


There are a number of roles that keep our operations going. Some roles are active only on Sunday mornings, some roles are carried out ahead of beach activities taking place, some roles are conducted post session, while other roles take place over the long term. Some roles can be done at a computer, others require you to get in the water and get wet, others might see you meeting with third parties, or pulling people together. We are always looking for people to help in the following ways, but if you have skills in an area that is not listed we’re sure we can make use of you, so please reach out.

  • Volunteer Manager – direct help to the right area
  • Communications Manager – newsletter content, social media posts, sponsorship deliverables
  • Sponsorship Coordinator – create proposals, assist with benefits, contract renewals
  • Event Manager – Trivia Night, Parent Socials, Club Champs, End of Year Celebration
  • Bronze Medallion Coordinator – liaise with participants and Avalon SLSC
  • Gear Steward – gear sign in and out, report loss or damage
  • First Aid Officer – incident treatment and reporting, alerting authorities, current qualification
  • Age Manager – leads age group, parent liaison
  • Assistant Coach – supports Age Manager, helps plan session, prepares next activity
  • Water Safety Officer – has Bronze Medallion
  • Uniform Manager – places orders, manages distribution, reviews invoice
  • Photographer – photographs sessions and shares images on Team App gallery, creates image library, creates year book


A committee including Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary governs our group. If you are interested in joining the Committee please get in touch.

Age Managers

Age Managers are the lifeblood of our operations. They plan and deliver engaging and challenging activities that keep kids on a learning trajectory to develop age appropriate skills across the season. They are supported by the Committee, an Age Manager Coordinator, a roster of Assistants, and relevant Nipper documentation. It’s a fun and meaningful role that makes you the object of a lot of respect and affection. You don’t need to have a Bronze Medallion qualification in order to lead an age group. Key tasks include sharing brief session plans with parents, marking attendance for insurance purposes and attending monthly Age Manager meetings to share knowledge across age groups.

Assistants and Bronze Medallion

For water-based activities, we aim to maintain a ratio of one (1) Bronze Medallion qualified adult to five (5) participants. This means that each year, we need a number of Bronze Medallion qualified parents in every age group so that we can offer placements to participants who want to join ANZA Singapore Nippers. Through our affiliation with Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club in New South Wales, Australia, we offer a unique training opportunity so that you can attain this qualification and acquire a lifelong skill. Please contact us to sign up for the next intake. The course involves completion of some online theory modules that can be done in your own time, as well as a qualifying swim, before 2 consecutive weekends (4 days) of training in wet and dry work – rescues, resuscitation, first aid, signals, run-swim-run, radio call signs, and teamwork.