Sessions proceed unless we notify members otherwise. We use Team App as our communication tool and this is where members should check for updates. In the event of inclement weather, we check weather apps to see if lightning is forecast for the Sentosa area and make a decision at 8am if the session is to be cancelled. A notification is then sent out.

It is at parents own discretion is they wish to opt out of a session.

If lightning commences during a session, we adhere to the 30/30 rule – if there is less than 30 seconds between flash (lightning) to bang (thunder) then activity ceases for 30 minutes. Once a period of 30 minutes has passed without a less than 30 second duration between flash to bang, then the session can proceed. If parents do not wish to wait 30 minutes to see if activity will resume they are free to leave but they MUST notify the Age manager before leaving so we can sign participants out.