From courts to equipment, Donna Williams covers all the essential points to know.

ANZA Netball Stats

400 girls aged between 6- and 16-years-old registered to participate in the 2016/17 season. The program, run by volunteers, includes seven committee members, two uniform coordinators, 10 age group coordinators, 10 head coaches, 74 coaches and 37 team parents.

ANZA Netball Program

ANZA Netball runs three sessions on Saturdays. The sessions are 90 minutes. The format for the session is approximately 45 minutes of skills development and 45 minutes of game time – this will vary between age groups. ANZA Netball follows Fun Net guidelines for 5- to 7-year-olds, Netta for 8- to 10-year-olds and standard netball guidelines for our players 11 years and over.

Courts and Equipment

ANZA Netball is extremely fortunate that Tanglin Trust School offer us their facilities for netball – Other areas and school equipment are off-limits. As well as the many netballs provided, each coach also has an equipment bag with bibs, whistles, cones and so on. We ask that netballers and parents help to pack up balls, bibs and all equipment at the end of the session. Please don’t leave all this for the coaches to do.


The first three weeks of the season is typically used to grade the girls so that when it’s time to split the girls into teams for the season, we can try to make them as balanced as possible.

ANZA Representative Netball

ANZA Rep involves girls trialling for a place to go on tour to Perth from late May to early June 2017. At the time of writing, trials for ANZA Rep takes place from late November to early December. In order for the Rep Program to be up and running this season, ANZA Netball is looking for 2-3 interested coaches and 2-3 interested managers – contact the committee at

Haze Policy

We use the government website ( for haze readings. If the 3hr PSI is over 100, then all play moves inside. If the 3hr PSI is over 200, netball will be cancelled or suspended. Communication will be sent through to age group coordinators to coaches to parents.

First Aid

ANZA Netball now has two qualified nurses on site every Saturday. They will be based in the Berrick Hall for all three sessions. To support these two nurses, it is expected that at least one volunteer per team or age group has been organised.

Cake Sales

If your child is fundraising for a charity and you’d like to run a cake stand at ANZA Netball, contact the committee at to reserve a Saturday to sell cakes and drinks. Please note that Tanglin Trust School is a peanut-free environment.

Lost and Found

Lost property will be placed in the ANZA Equipment cages in the bus bay carpark. Please email us or ask your coach the following Saturday if you would like to check the lost and found box.

Parental Supervision

Supervision by a parent or responsible adult at all games, and training sessions of ANZA Netball for all children is mandatory. Parents are not permitted to leave their child unattended at any ANZA Netball program.

Session 1: Born between 2007-2010
Session 2: Born between 2004-2006
Session 3: Born between 2001-2003+