Teamwork is a big part of ANZA Netball

Millie Backen, ANZA Netballer
“ANZA Storm is like my second family. We’ve been through so much together; we have seen the best and the worst of each other and yet we always have each other’s backs.”

Himashi Cameron, Volunteer Coach
“I love that we get to start the weekend in a healthy, positive fashion. As a working mum I love being able to get involved in one of my daughter’s activities.”

Allegra Dunham, ANZA Netballer
“ANZA Netball is the best. It’s tons of fun and good for you. I love it!”

Marina Bridges, ANZA Netballer
“I love ANZA Netball because of the well-structured sessions, the awesome coaches,
the competitive opportunities, and meeting other girls my own age, but not necessarily from my school! I have made some great friends through ANZA Netball.”

Stella Crowe, ANZA Netballer
“I love ANZA Netball, it’s a good chance for me to get to know kids at other schools. My team has girls from six different schools and we have a great time playing together. ”

Pia Cooke, Volunteer Coach
“My daughter Chloe absolutely loves ANZA Netball. There’s a great team spirit amongst the girls, and every week she excitedly heads to netball to reunite with all her friends. Coaching has also been really rewarding – all the parent coaches are dedicated to improving the girl’s skills and building teamwork. We’ve been proud ANZA netballers for two years now and look forward to many more years ahead.”

Jen Bond, Volunteer Coach
“ANZA Netball is a great community, providing kids an opportunity to develop friendships outside of school and experience the excitement that comes from growing and working together as a team.”

Sharon Walker, Volunteer Coach
“I’ve enjoyed being Assistant Coach with ANZA Netball. It’s a great opportunity to get back into a sport I loved and played as a teenager. It allowed me to bond with my seven-year-old, Chloe. I got to know so much more about my little girl and was there to support her growth. Everyone is friendly and helpful. It is inclusive and fun! I recommend it for all young girls and their mummies!” 

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