Deepavali – the Festival of Lights, is the most important festival for the Hindus.  Come on this walk to find out how the Hindus celebrate this colourful holiday.

Indulge in all your senses as you walk through this fascinating area.

Check out Serangoon Road and its back streets, where you will find a myriad of interesting shops selling spices, textiles and garlands. Learn about the history of the area and see the beautiful architecture of the colourful terrace houses.

Hear about the Gods in the oldest Hindu temple in the area and witness how the devotees do their prayers.

Taste delicious Indian snacks and ‘pulled’ tea. Always curious as to how a sari is tied? Well this is your chance to see a demonstration in a shop that sells beautiful saris.

Price includes:  Indian snacks and ‘pulled’ tea

Date: Thursday 2nd November 2023

Time : 09:30am – 12.30pm

Meet: 09.20am – Buffalo Road (Junction of Buffalo Road and Serangoon Road, where the pavilion is)

Cost: $70 ANZA Member, $80 Non-Member

Additional Notes: There is lots of walking, so please put on comfortable footwear that is easy to slip on/off – we have to remove our shoes at the entrances to the temples.  Bring an umbrella and a bottle of water.

Fitness Level: High – Substantial walking/exertion required in the heat. Expect to be on your feet for most of this tour, with infrequent rest stops.