Netball – Code of Conduct for Coaches and Officials


As a coach or official of ANZA Netball, you are in a position of responsibility and therefore expected to conduct yourself appropriately at all times. ANZA’s aim is to motivate children to play sport regardless of their level or ability. In order to achieve this, the environment should be supportive to encourage development and confidence. Learning how to be a team player and to enjoy the benefits of team sport is as important as the skills. As a coach/official you are expected to adhere to the following code:

• Be friendly and particularly welcoming to new members
• Ensure the safety of all children by providing effective supervision, proper pre-planning of coaching sessions, using safe methods at all times.
• Encourage and guide participants to accept responsibility for their own performance and behavior. 

• Be a role model, displaying consistently high standards of behavior and appearance (professional/committed), children learn by example.
• Treat all young people fairly and ensure they feel valued. Have no favorites and exhibit qualities that promote inclusion and fun for all players.
• Endeavor to ensure that all involved in ANZA Netball optimise their potential by promoting the positive aspects of the sport and never condoning the use of inappropriate or abusive language, inappropriate relationships, bullying, harassment, discrimination or physical violence.
• Appreciate the efforts of all young players. Be positive, approachable and offer praise to promote the objectives of the program at all times. 

• Take time to explain coaching techniques to ensure they are understood. 

• Do not let any allegations of abuse of any kind or poor practice to go unchallenged or unrecorded. Incidents and accidents to be recorded in the line with ANZA Netball’s procedures. 
Parents must be informed.
• Never use sanctions that humiliate or harm young people.
• Administer minor first aid in the presence of others and where required refer more serious incidents to the program “first aider”.
• Never abuse or misuse any relationship of trust. Ensure you are aware of ANZA Netball’s guidelines and child protection procedures when interacting with players.
• Avoid being left alone with a child unless in exceptional circumstances.
• Never contact a player directly, including through social media/phone or email without full knowledge and consent of the parent.
• Respect and listen to the opinions of young people
• Respect ANZA Netball and the individual’s reputation. Do not make inappropriate comments about a participant, coach, official, volunteer or member of staff that will bring the Sport or those associated with delivering the Sport into disrepute, including making comments on social media.
• Maintain the confidentiality of all information relating to ANZA Netball and its members.