Netball – Uniforms


How do I order a uniform?

When you register your player/s for ANZA netball, you will be prompted to select your uniform and bike shorts size. It is essential you complete this step upon registration so that your uniform will be ready in time for the new season.
If your player is already registered for the season and you need to order a new uniform, you can do so below, or by signing into the registration page and simply ordering a uniform only.

Where do I collect the uniform or will it be delivered?

We will be posting out your uniforms to you. You will be prompted to confirm your postal address as part of the registration process.

How do I accurately measure my child to ensure the correct size?

Please refer carefully to the sizing charts below. There are 2 essential measurements for the dress – 1. Chest circumference (widest part of the chest); 2. Length from back of neck (in line with the top of the shoulders) down to mid-thigh level.  Please note the garment measurements are based on the dress size NOT the body, therefore the best way to get a correct size for your child is to measure an item of clothing that they have at home which fits them well.  Those will be the same measurements needed when ordering your uniform.  If you want some room in the uniform to grow or so that it is not too tight, please take this into account when selecting your size.

For the bike shorts, you will need to measure hip circumference at widest point. Once you have these measurements, choose the sizes that best align with your measurements. If in doubt, we suggest you consider selecting a larger size rather than smaller.

What does the uniform cost?

The cost is $65 and is inclusive of 1 netball dress and 1 pair of bike shorts.

Can my child wear different bike shorts under the dress?

No. Since the bike shorts are provided as part of the uniform and for consistency in the look of all players, we ask that players wear the ANZA Netball bike shorts.

The dress is too long/short for my child given the measurements on the sizing chart. Can I get the hem shortened or lengthened?

Dress lengths are standard, however there is some room at the bottom where dresses can be taken up slightly by the parent if needed (eg 1 inch). If a longer dress is required we suggest ordering up one size.

Can I return or exchange the dress if it does not fit?

We have a no refund policy,  however if your uniform does not fit, we will do our best to facilitate exchanges with other players who are also requiring exchange ie: swaps.  Exchanges will only be made if kit is returned unworn, in its original packaging with all tags intact.  Please note that we cannot guarantee we will be able to swap your uniform therefore take your time to measure carefully!

Who do we contact if we have any further questions regarding the new netball uniforms?

Please contact the netball uniform co-ordinators, on if you have any further questions. They will get back to you as soon as possible.