Netball – FAQs


What is ANZA Netball?

ANZA Netball is a not-for-profit organisation with many years experience in delivering quality Netball programmes to children aged 5 to 18 years. We deliver an inclusive programme focusing on fun, friendship and fitness. We believe in providing opportunities for children of all abilities to play Netball in a safe, positive and encouraging environment.

When does the season start and finish?

ANZA Netball runs from Jan-December.  There are a few breaks during the season to accommodate the different school holidays including a long summer break from July-August. Sometimes the school holidays do not align so there will be times when Netball is on during respective school holidays.

How Much Does ANZA Netball Cost?

The cost of the season ranges depending on the Age Group and current fees for the season can be found on the ANZA Netball registration page.  All players are required to purchase a ANZA Netball uniform which costs $65 for a dress/shorts. 

How do I register?

In order to sign up for ANZA Netball (and any other ANZA sporting programme), you must first be an ANZA member. ANZA is open to all nationalities, not just Australians and New Zealanders. Please register via the main ANZA website and ensure membership is kept current throughout the Netball season.

Then click here to register for ANZA Netball

What is your refund policy?

ANZA Netball, like all other ANZA sports groups, does not issue refunds.  In special circumstances the ANZA Netball Committee may agree to a refund if a child has a medical certificate to show that they cannot play for the rest of the term or if a family is relocating before the season commences. There are NO REFUNDS once the term has commenced or halfway through the term, under any circumstances.

How old do you have to be?

ANZA Netball accepts players of all abilities and ages from 5 to 18 years and over. Players will be automatically placed in the age group according to their year of birth. The ANZA Committee will consider requests to keep friends together upon registration, but they cannot make any guarantees.

What level of player do you cater for?

ANZA Netball is an inclusive netball programme providing opportunities for all levels of players from complete beginner to competition level.  We focus on fun, friendship and fitness. We provide a range of sessions from teaching the basic techniques of netball for 5-8 year olds to match play and league sessions for our older players 9-18 years.

Within these sessions children cover basic hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching, footwork skills and passing. As players progress we introduce more strategic game play manoeuvres such as defence, attack and goal shooting. We also teach rules of play and sporting ethics in terms of fair play and respect for others which we strongly encourage on and off the field of play. Within the older age groups we offer competitive opportunities to play other Singapore teams as well as competition abroad representing ANZA Netball.

Where do the sessions take place?

ANZA Netball are extremely lucky to be based at one of the best Netball facilities in Singapore, Tanglin Trust School, on Portsdown Road. We have five inside full-sized netball courts and a large outside area for our younger players to practice their skills. It means there is minimal disruption to sessions due to weather conditions.  Please find a map of the venue here.

Can my child do a trial?

We can not allow trials due to insurance reasons, however, we are more than happy for you and your child to come and watch a session.

What do the players wear?

The ANZA Netball uniform needs to be worn at all times along with appropriate sports footwear.  No jewellery may be worn (earrings may be taped) and nails must be cut short.

How do I purchase a uniform?

Uniforms can be purchased online upon registration for the season. You will need to provide details of your child’s size and height.

What is the coach to child ratio?

ANZA Netball aims to have 2-3 coaches to every team of players, up to a maximum of 11 players. No coach works alone. Volunteer coaches are supported by professional coaches in all age groups.  There is also a Head Coach and Age Group Coordinator in each age group to ensure the sessions run smoothly.

Is there any first aid at Netball? What happens if my child gets injured?

All our professional coaches are first aid qualified. At each venue your Age Group Coordinator (AGC) will have ice on hand for minor injuries. 

How do I receive information about ANZA Netball?

ANZA Netball uses WhatsApp and email to send out information to parents.  Please ensure you are on the WhatsApp groups for your child’s age group so no important information is missed. 

What is your weather policy?

The ANZA Netball weather policy can be found here

Can I drop my child off at Netball?

ANZA Netball is NOT a drop off activity. An adult must be present to supervise at all times. If you cannot be there to supervise your child, please ensure that you have nominated a responsible adult in your place. This is to ensure that someone is there to make decisions should an injury occur. ANZA Netball cannot make decisions about your child’s health.

Please note ANZA Netball’s insurance does not cover siblings. If you are bringing along siblings, please ensure you are supervising them appropriately. They should not be allowed to run around on the courts or Tanglin Trust School.

How can I help?

The success of ANZA Netball relies heavily on the on-going time and commitment of parent volunteers who are the corner stones of our programme and without whom the ANZA Netball programme would not exist. There are a number of roles that parents can undertake within ANZA Netball ranging from Coach, Assistant Coach to Team Parent. There are additional opportunities to volunteer at Committee level. It is expected that all parents will play their part in supporting the ANZA Netball community and the range of roles can be found here


ANZA Netball is a volunteer-based organization.

Please treat all of our coaches and volunteers with the respect they deserve.

Please read our rules of conduct and play.