Haze Policy for ANZA Netball


(Updated 25th Sept)

ANZA Netball align with the guidelines and policies set out by ANZA.  Decisions about games and training sessions will be based primarily on the NEA’s South-zone 1-hr PM2.5readingIf the 1-hr PM2.5 rises above 55, games and training sessions outside will be cancelled or moved inside following the procedures below. 

The Netball Committee will check the 1-hr PM2.5 at 7:00am for Session 1 and again at 8:30am for Session 2. Any cancellations made at the stated times will be communicated via TeamApp.  If training goes ahead but conditions on the ground deteriorate, the Head Coach will modify, cancel or move training. This decision can be made without regard to advertised PSI and PM2.5 readings.  Any cancellations made on the ground will be communicated directly to players/parents there.

Decisions will be made based on the following;

  • Judgment of conditions
  • Trend in the 1 hour PM5 readings
  • Nature of activity


Time1-h PM2.5 ReadingAction
56 or aboveSessions taking place on the Training Ground will be cancelled or moved inside.
250 or aboveConditions will be assessed and if deemed unsafe then all indoor training will be cancelled.


Parents responsibilities

  • Parents are expected to check TeamApp regularly, so they are aware of any cancellations or changes in venue for training.  
  • Parents with children affected by asthma or other relevant health conditions should exercise extra caution and keep abreast of the situation in periods of haze
  • All parents should exercise their own judgement about whether to allow their children to play during haze episodes, even at levels below those stated above.  
  • Parents are reminded that ANZA Netball is NOT a drop off activity and if a session is cancelled, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children leave the courts in a timely manner with a responsible adult.