Weather Policy


In the case of lightning or extreme weather:

  • The decision to play will be made at the venue at the start of each session.
  • Only under exceptional weather circumstances will training be cancelled prior to the start of a session i.e. before the start time of the training session.
  • If a training session is cancelled it will be communicated by WhatsApp.
  • Where possible training will be transferred to indoor venues.


ANZA Netball’s training is conducted at the Tanglin Trust School (TTS) and aligns with its guidelines in relation to lightning.

Singapore has one of the highest global rates of lightning storms, and there are regular reports of fatalities resulting from such storms.

ANZA Netball makes its weather decisions based on the TTS Lightning Warning System (visual alarms located at the main outdoor activity areas on the TTS campus*) or from the Lightning Alert Service (available as a mobile app across Singapore).

If either the Lightning Warning System is activated OR the Lightning Alert Service indicates a lightning threat within an 8km radius, then outdoor activity must cease and students must be removed to and remain in a safe and protected (covered) place. If there is any doubt in the supervising adult’s mind about the accuracy of the Lightning Warning System/ Alert Service information, then the ’15min rule’ detailed below should be applied.

Where no other information is available, or if the information appears to be inaccurate, it is the policy that at the first signs of thunder and/or lightning, adults supervising outdoor activities MUST call students to order and remove them to a safe and protected (covered) place. They should remain in that safe and protected place until fifteen minutes after the last sign of thunder and/or lightning.

* The visual alarms for the TTS campus Lightning Warning System are located at the: Playing Field (x2); Junior Roof; Swimming Pool; Training Ground. When activated, the orange lights will flash until no lightning has been detected in the area for 15min.

** In Singapore, the Lightning Alert Service may be accessed online ( or through the mobile app “Lightning@SG”.

Parents responsibilities

  • Parents are expected to check WhatsApp regularly, so they are aware of any cancellations or changes in venue for training.
  • Parents are reminded that ANZA Netball is NOT a drop off activity and if a session is cancelled, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children leave the courts in a timely manner with a responsible adult.