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ANZA Nippers start 2024 on a high

The 2024 season of ANZA Nippers kicks off on 3 March, 2024. Here's how last season wrapped up

The beach is back for ANZA Nippers!

Sights are set on Nippers’ skills developing well into 2024. See how they're going so far

ANZA Nippers: Break time!

Nippers is back, but how did our ocean-loving crew spend the summer? Read on

What to know about ANZA Nippers

ANZA’s 75th anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on everything the association has done for its members and expats in Singapore. Moving to a foreign country can be a very daunting experience and...

ANZA Nippers: Enter the Bronze Age!

The parents’ ocean skills were tested at their Nippers Bronze Medallion training